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Offering Local pick up in product descriptions

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I'm not new at online selling (ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, etc), but I'm not highly familiar with all of Google's "no-no's" in order to have my items show up in Goog search.


I did just learn that I shouldn't mention anything about my shipping (terms/policies/insurance/procedures) in my item "descriptions" though. Working on cleaning that part up from descriptions right now (ugh).


My question is: I also sell furniture items and/or large/heavy/fragile items that I won't ship. So I mention that in my listing's description.


EX: "This is too large and heavy for me to pack, so I cannot ship this. It is available in the city of ________, for local pick up only. ** PLEASE READ ** THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SHIPPING (OR CANNOT BE SHIPPED)"


Does this language get my items booted from Google? Can someone please point me to a Google information page regarding what can/can't be mentioned in descriptions?

I mean -- sometimes one has NO CHOICE but to mention stuff like this. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Offering Local pick up in product descriptions

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for product-listing-ads -- any mention of shipping
in a title or description is grounds for the items
not to be listed, disapproval, or suspension --
at any time.

title should simply name the physical item;
description should simply describe the physical
item or how the physical item might be used.

items that cannot be shipped or cannot be

shipped using direct-to-consumer shipping
methods are also disallowed by the policies.


as an aside, if the same similar physical items you own

are being listed from multiple marketplaces, that can

cause self-competition and lower performance.


that said, showing items in organic google-search

has nothing to do with paid (product-listing) ads

that marketplaces such as ebay might purchase

on behalf of their sellers.