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O We are not getting the calls we have been getting , what is wrong?

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Our calls for bookings have been really off this month. Is there something wrong with my account?


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September 2015

Re: O We are not getting the calls we have been getting , what is wro

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Hard to say!


- are you still getting the same traffic levels that you were getting or are these off too?


In most cases if calls are down, the traffic is down - it may not be AdWords traffic only - you need to look across the sources - see if anything has taken a hit.


- are your ads appearing in the same ad position?


In my experience the fall off in conversions from the top positions to the side positions and then on down to 10th spot are drastic - almost all the conversions come from the earlier ad sopts in general and the differnece between say, 2 and 5 can be massive - so look to see if your ads have dropped position.


If they have that could mena one of any number of things - but the ones you can look at immediately are the bids (did you drop them?) the Quality Scores (did Google adjust your QS?)


- have your competitors woken up?


Run some searches yourself - is there a new competitior in the game who is a) taknig some of your calls and b) pushing your ads down (see above)


- did you make any changes to your site? Sometimes the "improvements" we make areonly improvements in our own mind - when the visitors see them they don't improve things at the sharp end.


Testing helps here...


- how long have you been running the same ads?


they trun into wallpaper - people stop noticing them.... change things regulalry and test, and then test, and when you've finished test again - in fact just keep testing - things are never finished in that sense... things just get stale.


- are your landing pages working - just run through your ads and check that they take you to the page you think they take you to... that happens more than you'd expect.


- check your billing tab - sometimes the credit gets down to a low level and instead of telling you, the system simply tries to serve ads for a fraction of your regular CPC - the ad ends up on page 7 or something and, of course, you get no clicks - so the budget never gets used up... and the traffic falls off dramatically.


Hope some of these help - let us know....