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Not wanting to show up for certain keywords, harmful?

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Hey all,


I manage PPC at a b2b tech company, and our strategy/focus is spending our advertising dollars on the most qualified clicks.


To do that, we focus/bid higher on keywords that indicate that they're lower in the funnel, and we bid low (really low), on certain keywords that would indicate that they're doing general research, are just learning about our industry/solution, or are potential users we don't want to do business with.


Rather than adding it as a negative, we still want to be present in the search results, just not in the top ranking spots for terms like:


"What is _____ software?"

"______ software reviews"

"______ software for small businesses"



What are the harmful effects of doing this, if any, and would it be preferable to just add them as negatives?


Let me know what you think.





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Re: Not wanting to show up for certain keywords, harmful?

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Good afternoon.


There is no "harm" in this strategy. In fact, it's fairly common for companies to bid lower for less-profitable keywords, which can often include keywords higher in the conversion funnel.


You want your company to get exposure when people are still in "research" phase, knowing that the sites they visit while doing research are likely to be the ones they choose from to make their final purchase. At the same time, these searches aren't going to lead to an immediate sale--there may not be a sale planned for a month or a year, depending on your market, so the clicks don't have as high a value to you.


I would say it's a sensible approach.

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