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Not getting website traffic

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I am running two campaign but not getting more 20 clicks a day, even worse 5-7 clicks a day. I think Google don't have traffic or don't want to send traffic to my website. I make both campaign as per Google Rep.

Any suggestion plz:

Re: Not getting website traffic

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Hello Muhammad B,

if you are not happy about the amount of clicks for your campaigns, there are many factors that can cause this issue.

  1. You have a lot of impressions, this little clicks, horrible CTR - you do not have relevant Ad to the search queries
  2. if you are getting 20 clicks a day with some decent CTR - can't say the exact number - different from country to country. Then you are getting enough traffic you can get for your keywords. - in this case you can broaden your keywords, find more relevant keywords to get more traffic.
  3. Your budget is not high enough, if your budget is set too low, then you might hit the sealing with a little amount of clicks. - increase budget
  4. Your CPC on your keywords is not high enough - you ads are not being shown on some keywords - increase CPC.
  5. Overall quality of your ads and keywords is bad and you do not get to show your ads on good positions - improve quality of your keywords and ads.