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Non performing keywords - How to deal with them?

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This result is from All Time report (more than 1 year data). Here are the situations:


1) Out of my 1826 keywords (collected over a period of 1.5 yrs) around 500 have 0 Clicks and few have impressions in single digits.

2) I have around 36 Ad Groups with 2 - 3 ads per ad group


If today I sit to analyze and do a peel and stick of my keywords what should be the best approach? Should I get rid of all keywords that have no impression and / or no clicks? Or try to put effort in making them even more sharp and efficient?




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Re: Non performing keywords - How to deal with them?

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Hi Chris.


How many times have you changed the Ads in that period?  What is the purpose of the 36 Groups - how are they themed?  I presume you have other Keywords that are performing well; what are their conversion rates, CTR and Quality Score figures like? What sort of average positions are you seeing for your Keywords (both those that perform and these 500)?



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Re: Non performing keywords - How to deal with them?

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Hi Jon,


There were 2 major changes during this period. That was to break the campaigns into tighter themes. The 36 groups that I have are very tightly made with separate landing pages, and keywords etc. Some groups have 5-10 keywords whereas others have 20-30 keywords as well.


There are keywords that are converting very well:


Conversion Rate: 1.6

Average position 2.5

CTR: 2.48

Search Impression Share: 42%

Keywords that are converting average quality score is 9/10 (mostly 10/10)


But there are also keywords with 10/10 score but there is no single click. How to treat them differently.




For keywords that are converting well I see