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No volume with "Ads in mobile apps"

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Hi, I am trying to promote my app/websites in Ads in mobile apps using competitive bids,
high budgets and all targeting but cant spend more than 40-150 a day even tho I know there
is A LOT of volume for my targeting according to display planner.

Lets take France for example.
Accodring to display planner with these settings ( France, Mobile Only ads and Mobile Apps, Android)
there is 400-450M impressions a week.

So I set up campaign with these settings: Ads in mobile apps
Tagerting: France
Targeting: All traffic, devices and carrriers/wifi
Focus on clicks, manual cpc bidding
Budget: 2000
No frequency capping or dayparting
Bids: 0.40cpc
Various Ad sizes and text ads
Account has automatic invoicing and good history

And what I get is it spend anywhere between 50-150 a day and never increases.
When I look at stats for individual placements, I sometimes dont even get a single click
for apps which have 500k-1M impressions available (in planner)

Any ideas why this might happen and how I can get more volume from app traffic?

Thanks for any advice

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Re: No volume with "Ads in mobile apps"

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Nikolay B,


Thanks for posting! 


Have you created mobile app ads? It might be worthwhile increasing your bids in order to get your ads up and running (especially for specific placements that you want to appear on)? 


The following article is quite helpful: . Maybe try to go with the more broad targeting option to get your campaign up and running, and then you can use more targeting options as you gather more data and performance statistics.


Does anyone else on the Community have any advice? Has anyone else run into this before?