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My google adwords is showing a lot of clicks and google is taking my money. I can see the clicks and words being searched but how do we know this is the correct information. I have absolutely no results from the ad. I have a great web site and google + page.

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September 2015

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This is a common problem called Death By a Thousand Clicks. It is usually a result of poor and too broad targeting and no accurate tracking... (although sometimes it is a result of unrealistic expectations.)


The most likely scenario is you have broad match keywords and are pulling clicks from irrelevant keywords... The best option if this is the case is to add negative keywords...

Without knowing more about your account I would recommend looking at your search term report.

Find and click on the Keywords tab, and make sure you are on all campaigns or the ad group you want...



Now, see the button that says Details? It is two over from the red +keywords button.

Click on that, and Under the Search Terms list click on All.




Now, you will see the actual search queries triggering your ads and generating clicks. If you see words that seem completely off you need to add a bunch of negative keywords...

how to get good result from adwords

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Few questions for you to think on..
how are you measuring your result?
do you have conversion tracking installed?
have you mentioned correct information and a clear call to action in your ads?
Are your keywords relevant to your business?
have you added enough negative keywords?
Do you review you search queries ?

if you do not understand above question then study it and apply into your account and you will get the result. or hire any expert who may cost you less that what you will waste on adwords.

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Thanks for sharing your reply...



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