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No leads getting generated

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Hi everyone!


New to the community, so it may take some time for me getting adjusted.


i started a new AdWords campaign a week ago, and till now I've got about 1000 impressions, and about 46 clicks. Each day it's about 14 clicks. But till now, I've not got even one lead from anyone (from a send enquiry page) or calls from anyone. MY CTR ranges now and then from about 2.8% to 3.1% And the average quality score is about 7 (6 for some keywords).

I've grouped my keywords into 3 ad groups.


Can anyone help me in generating leads for my campaign?


If you would like to see the landing page, it is :



Thanks in advance!


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Re: No leads getting generated

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Hello Rajesh,


I would say that it's too early to speak about leads since you started a campaign recently.


Did you check the search terms report and see whether the queries you have got are relevant or not?


Also, what sort of keywords and matching types you are using in your campaign like phrase, exact or broad?


Are you running only Search campaign or is it a combined Search+Display Campaign?


Also, I did a quick glance at your landing page, I didn't find any telephone number or some good call to actions so that user can approach you directly. Header section looks empty and need improvement. I also feel that you should add more valuable content on the page so that users find some information and show their interest to reach you.


My Thoughts!


Re: No leads getting generated

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Hello Pankaj!

Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely look through all the points you've told.

And, you say that it'll take time to get leads, right? How much time do you think it'll take for me to start receiving leads?

I'm using the Search Network only campaign, with phrase match keywords. If i check the Opportunities tab, it says if I make 2 of the high-quality keywords id card and identity card into broad matches, then I'll get an additional 12 clicks per week. Do you think it's worth trying out? Because I thought if I don't receive leads even then, it'll be a waste of money.

All the keywords searched are relevant to my business too.

About the website, what exactly do you mean the header section? Is it where the logo is placed? I've provided many links to the Enquiry page. Do you think it'll be a better idea if I place the contact form directly on the landing page? (i think it doesn't take much time to load).
I'll also make sure I'll add contact details.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Re: No leads getting generated

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Hi Rajesh,

I reviewed your site and wanted to give you some additional feedback.  You're already on the right track to improving your performance by inspecting your results and asking questions to will lead you towards developing some testable hypotheses, but let's take it from the top:

Make sure that you define your website goals (conversions) and set them up in Google Analytics if possible so that they can be more accurately tracked in the future.  Try to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to perform your desired actions.  As Pankaj said, consider adding additional Calls-to-Action (CTAs) near your products that make your prospects' next steps clear.  I found that your "Order Now" buttons were not shown consistently - including on your identification cards page.  Consider making it easier for people to contact you by including a Contact Form in addition to your contact information.  If there are products that you would sell directly to customers, consider accepting customers' orders online and implementing some additional GA Goals.  CMS systems like Wordpress make these things much easier to do

Continue improving the relevance of your traffic by ensuring that your keywords and ads are well-targeted to ideal searches and that you properly set prospect's expectations.  Consider testing keyword variations that more accurately reflect you and your customers' goals/needs, like "buy identity cards", or "employee identity cards".  Consider testing and using different match types to make sure that you are getting optimal traffic (best and most).

Also, I was confused about what geographies and languages you are targeting.  If you are trying to sell your products internationally, try to make it clear to customers that you are willing to do so.  If the purpose of this site is to expand your business to an English market, I would recommend having a native English speaker do a thorough review of your website's copy to remove the grammatical mistakes and improve your messaging (ex: in "Our Products" section of the About Us page, change 'most fastest selling' to 'best selling').  This will help you to build trust with primarily English-speaking customers and put them at ease so they are more likely to do business with you.

Make sure that you test your site thoroughly by performing a full User Acceptance Test (UAT).  When I tried to view the sample reports ("Downloads" tab) on your Fingerprint reader page I received a 404 (not found) error.  Getting rid of broken links and bugs like these will ensure that your business is perceived as profesionally as possible.


I noticed that you just added contact information to your header as Pankaj suggested, but text might be better.  The fact that your site is responsive with bootstrap is great.  Try to take advantage of that by making the phone numbers click-to-call links so people on mobile phones can call you directly (<a href=”tel:your-phone-number″>your#</a>)


Lastly, the music.  I liked the tune once it loaded, but it's slowing down your site's load time which can negatively affect the user experience.  It's also a little risky since you can't be sure how people will respond to it. 

All things considered, it looks like things are coming along.  Your fingerprint readers look awesome.  Good luck with the leads!



Re: No leads getting generated

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Good morning.


If I can add to the discussion, let me say I would not suggest switching your keywords to broad match unless the broad match is a phrase that specifically describes what you're selling. The original Broad match keyword type produces the largest volume of traffic but the lowest quality of traffic. Think of it like a fishing net--it can scoop in the fish you want but you're likely to get a lot of other stuff as well--and you have to pay, whether you got a fish or a piece of driftwood. Woman Happy


You can read the AdWords Help Center information on Using keyword matching to clearly understand how the different options function.


The key is to use keyword phrases that match/describe your product--in your example, I assume you're selling some kind of id cards--if there is an additional word you can add to this keyword phrase that makes it a more precise reflection of what you're selling, I would recommend adding that word before you start experimenting with broad match. (If you were selling, to make up an example, corporate identification card systems then I would not use id cards in broad match to try to capture that traffic because the shorter phrase would not be a precise reflection of what I was selling. I might try using corporate identification card systems as a broad match in that case, but not before I'd tried +corporate +identification +card +systems and +identification +card +systems (Modified Broad Match) and variations of those. Modified Broad Match pulls a lot more traffic than Phrase or Exact match but it's still 'filtered' by the requirement that the search phrases contain your selected (+) words.)


Not sure what you're selling but I, personally, tend to use the original Broad match as a last resort.


Hope that gives you some ideas!

And, finally, let me echo Pankaj's original statement that a week is just not enough time to decide that a brand-new campaign is not working. While it's quite possible to advertise very successfully with AdWords (hundreds of thousands of businesses do it), success rarely comes quickly or without work. Campaigns and even websites have to be tweaked and adjusted, and you have to test different strategies to figure out what might work for you. I can't give you a timeline--every account and every industry are different. 

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Re: No leads getting generated

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Hi Joe and Theresa!

I'm sure that all of your points will work and I've noted them all.

I've already set up some goals to track in Google Analytics, and I would also like to mention that we don't sell products online (you need a separate license for that in India) instead of "Order Now" I've made "Send Enquiry" buttons that go to a contact form. We target our products only locally (Bangalore, INDIA) and I'll also arrange for a thorough checkup of grammar and spellings in the website.
I've noticed the Downloads problem in the Fingerprint Readers section, and will update it soon. I'll also edit the phone numbers on the header. About the Music, I think you're talking about the homepage, that is the music of our product video that you can see in the slider. Do you think I should remove it?

However, thanks for your inputs.


Thanks for your inputs too. All my keywords are of Phrase Match and I'll make it Broad if I get no leads even after a month or two (experimenting).
ID Cards are those Plastic Cards that you wear on your necks or on your belt that mention your name, company details, photo,etc.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: No leads getting generated

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Hi Rajesh,

I didn't see the video earlier; I only heard the music start playing. I think it showcases your products nicely.

All of your site improvements sound good, but, as per Google's recommendation, I would consider using a different keyword strategy to initiate your campaign. Like Theresa suggested, make sure you review the "Using Keyword Match Types" article - especially the section, "How to choose the right keyword match types". Google recommends using a broad-to-narrow approach rather than a narrow-to-broad strategy like the one you described. From my experience, this approach helps to produce and improve positive results as quickly as possible and might help you to improve your ROI. She made some good recommendations about how you can use Broad Match Modified to target searches that include your most important keywords. Broad Match Modified may be a better place to start than Broad Match if you are concerned about getting too much traffic that is not targeted tightly enough.

Good luck with your optimization!

Re: No leads getting generated

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Hi everyone and happy new year 2014!


I'm not quite getting the difference between Broad Match and Broad Match Modified. Can you help me out with that?

Thanks in advance!

Difference between broad match and broad match modified

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Happy to help!



Adwords Support > Manage Ads > Keywords > Improve Your Keywords


The pages in the Improve Your Keywords section do a good job of describing the difference between the match types with comparisons and examples, but I also found broad match modified to be tricky at first.  I'll briefly summarize each type for you, but I highly recommend reviewing the resources above for tips on best practices and to make sure that you are comfortable with the different match types.


Broad Match:

  • Default Match Type
  • Automatically matches relevant variations of your keywords including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings (fingerprint and fingerprinting), related searches, and other.
  • See Example of Broad Match Keyword and Potential Matches on this page
  • Pros: spend less time building your keyword list, let google stop showing your ads for you when they don't perform well (a.k.a. CTR decrease, quality score decrease, cost/position increase, Ad Rank decrease and, voila, your ads stop showing unless you increase your CPC bids to compensate.  I don't recommend going this route.  Google incentivizes relevance and quality over quantity)
  • Cons: lower Clickthrough rate (CTR) (generally), and contributes to lower quality score as described above (meaning higher bids for the same position)

Broad Match Modified:

  • add "+" modifier before each word in your keyword (no spaces between the "+" and keyword.  leave spaces between each word in keyword)
  • Broad Match Modified specifies that certain words must be included in someone's search to trigger your ad but still allows for matches to close variants, misspellings, singular and plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings, but not synonyms or related searches.
  • See Example of Broad Match Modified Keywords and Potential Matches on this page
  • Pros: In general, it increase relevance, increase CTR, increase quality scores, increase conversion rate
  • Cons: Less Traffic Volume (only a con if the lost traffic was relevant traffic)
  • Proper Implementation:  +fingerprint +reader
  • Improper implementation: + fingerprint + reader | +fingerprint+reader

Like I said before, Google recommends working from broad-to-narrow.  This has worked for me in multiple, topically-unrelated accounts and campaigns.  It takes a lot of the guesswork out.  It's easier to optimize by eliminating unwanted traffic with negative keywords and more stringent match types than starting with less traffic and wondering what you'll get once you switch from exact or phrase match to broad.  I consider the initial broad-match phase of any campaign an investment in the data you collect because it lays the foundation for the optimization process.


Good Luck Rajesh!

Re: No leads getting generated

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Just found this helpful article about Broad Match Modifier, thought you might be interested.