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No impression on Mobile devices with full browsers

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Hi there,


One of my Ads received no impression on "Mobile devices with full browsers". It shows fine on PC and tablet. The ad has mobile device preference box checked. I have another ad in a different campaign in the same account shows up on iphone. Obviously, the working one is targeting for a different keyword.


Is it because the bid is too low? It is already 2 dollar per click with +20% adjustment. Is there any setting i should check.




Re: No impression on Mobile devices with full browsers

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I assume you are talking about search network.
If yes then check few things:
1. Check if you have Mobile version of your ad copy.
2. Check if you have selected device preference
3. Check if you have mistakenly decrease the bid for mobile in bid adjustment setting.

Re: No impression on Mobile devices with full browsers

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Hi Jay S,

Can you check your keyword on Adwords Preview Tool with Mobile devices and your targeted location selected? Please check and let us know what message do you get for not showing your ad.

You can also check the keyword status by hovering the mouse over the bubble right next to the keyword.