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No feedback to adwords from the web page.

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I am running adwords on a site that the host will not allow the adwords feedback code on his site.  This means I lose a lot... can someone help me with just how much I will lose? and is there ways to work around some of the loss?


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Re: No feedback to adwords from the web page.

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HI master,


you will not loose any AdWords data because all of them are in the AdWords interface report (clicks, cost, impressions etc.).

There could be a problem with transfering data to Analytics (gclid) or with the conversion tracking and remarketing code.

But how much will you loose not knowing this data is hard to tell. Maybe everything, including the client Smiley Happy

I wouldn't search for workarounds but would change the hosting company.

Re: No feedback to adwords from the web page.

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Thanks for that Mvarga... let me be a little more clear as you are right on top of it... however I am hoping there is even more reasons out there that this situation is so horrible..  And trying to gather more ideas of why it is so bad that inputs from the experts here  will provide me with more reasons that I can fight this and get the access allowed...

1. It is not actually the hosting company... (actually it is) in other words its the web designer who forces hosting on his site... a huge nationwide real estate designer and well known.. They also do the PPC for the agents..and my guess is they are enforcing this to hand cuff you so that you will let them do the PPC...


2. They claim they do not allow any 3rd party software on thier site... so I reminded them its the same 3rd party software (google adwords) that they allow all the agents who host with them.. all of a sudden its a no 3rd party software.. nufff of that its extortion so they get the ppc job since I cannot see how any reputable PPC guy could do a very good job without the captures being reported back to adwords..


3. One thing that I see as a major problem is that google encrypts 2/3 of the key phrases that are coming in on adwords.. and the only way to get them is to hook the site to adwords and then google shares the phrases with you happily... as far as I can tell there is ZERO way to get the keywords that are encrypted without the link back to adwords.. is that true... since you don't tell adwords about the capture they cannot tell you the keyphrase that made the capture... that is true corrrect..


4. I tell the agents and there are thousands of the poor souls.. that I will not take their account as I cannot give them the service they deserve with my hands tied behind my back.  But the really funny thing is that others are saying to them that it is a little inconvenient but they can still do a great job for them just to get the job.. And of course the agents are real estate folks and are mostly as dumb as a rock when talking about adwords so they let these folks that are bull**bleep**ting them have the job. Is that true?  Can they do a great job for the client.. or just a mediocre job at best.. I cannot imagine anyone doing adwords without knowing what keywords casues the lead.... sound like pure bull**bleep** to me..


Anyway bottom line if anyone sees a drawback or negative to trying to operate this way please list it here and would you allow anyone to do adwords for you if they could not get the feedback code on the website to let adwords know that a lead had been captured?


Any comments no matter how small will be really helpful to me... and Mvarga thank you so much for kicking it off... that comment will be very helpful...




Re: No feedback to adwords from the web page.

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Good morning.


Anyway bottom line if anyone sees a drawback or negative to trying to operate this way please list it here....


I'm afraid I don't quite understand this request.


From what you're saying, the company doing your website design also offers PPC services. You also seem to be saying that you and/or other small business owners using these websites want to use some other PPC service, not that of the web design company? But that you're not able to put conversion code on your website/webpages and can't track results?


I would say that this situation is not unheard of. If a company handles a large number of similar businesses, they might "aggregate" the ad serving--that is, they might not do a separate ad campaign for each business, but just run one campaign, geotargeted to include all the business areas. This is not necessarily a bad approach. In an industry like real estate where each small business probably doesn't have a lot of money to invest in advertising, it's possible that better results can be gained by the businesses being able to "pool" their money.  Done properly, this strategy can work very well for small businesses--there are really too many variables for me (or anyone) to definitely say whether or not it's going to work for you. 


Aside from that, when you signed up with the website design company, did you read the agreement? Were you aware that they were retaining ownership of the web pages and that they did not allow outside code* to be placed on those pages? It would be highly unusual for any reputable company not to reveal this type of information up front.


I'm afraid I'm not able to present you with a list of reasons that this type of ad serving is "bad" simply because that's not necessarily true. This kind of aggregated advertising can produce good results. 


If you don't like this approach, I would guess you're free to go have a website designed by some other company. (Assuming you're not working under some kind of franchise or lease arrangement, making your business a part of a larger busines?)


My $0.02.




*For this example, any AdWords code except the code that the design company is using is actually "outside code", even other AdWords code. Standard procedure for this kind of website is for the design company to use a template. In that template, they insert their own tracking codes, whether those are AdWords or Analytics or whatever. There is no "slot" in the template for other codes.



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Re: No feedback to adwords from the web page.

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Thanks Theresa, you have the basic gist of it.. but you did not understand it fully... probably caused by my running on and on... little clarification.

1. It a normal routine web designer that includes hosting and they own the website.. you own nothing. Very normal situation.. each and every website is a completely indivudual site having nothing in common with the other 1,000 sites.. each has its own IDX built in from what ever MLS you are with..


2. They have a slot for the google analytics code.. and allow it.. they have a slot for the google adwords code for feedback to adwords and the allow that.. they also all the agents to run their own PPC if they choose.. problem is as soon as an agent decides to run his own PPC... great... just don't expect them to allow the cod to feedback to google.. the disable the adwords code.. however they allow the google analytics to contine... very odd.. right.. not really its simple an attempt to make it difficult for you to run you own ppc.. so that you will continue to allow them to do it for you...


3. So as I see  it some of the major loss you would have runnnig without the adwords lead feedback is that you would never know what keywords caused the lead capture since you did not report it to google.. and if you try to capture it in analytics.. most will be encrypted since we know all the logged in users search will be encrypted... am I right here.. In my opinion this one single item would make it darn near impossible to run a successful PPC campaign.


4. Next a lot of vendors come along and tell the agents not to worry.. its just a slight inconvenience without the adwords feedback... I can still do a stellar job for you just takes a little more work for me.. which I am willing to do without additional charge.  To me that sounds like a vendor taking the job knowing they cannot do that well with their hands tied behind thier backs.. but just taking the job for the money.. Am I right with that thought.


5. Next I was asking if anyone here would feel comfortable running a campaign for those unknowing agents without knowing the keywords that caused the lead capture.


6. Just makes not sense to take a job like that certainly without notifying the agent that you are working handicapped but will do the best you can... they should know that the situation may not go will and have the option to say.. NO.. let's not do it..


7. And last there may be a lot of other things that will hurt you operating like this.. and was hoping someone could see additional handicaps that I cannot see.. and I would use the information to inform the agents to stand up against this tyranny and the attempt to rip them off by not allowing you to access the very same code they use on their site when the site developer does your PPC...


8. And lastly again.. tons of designers provide hosting and none that I know of ever tie your hands like that.. since the google adwords code can be sent directly to the site and never touched by the agent.. same way they get it... by email if the like..


9. Totally odd the google analytics is allowed to continue to run.. but they shut down the adwords.. actually not odd at all.. but very clear what they are up to.