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No conversions

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I am running my adwords account from last one month and I am not getting any conversion from it. I have done every possible thing I can do but still no conversion. Also in the month of Oct my account is showing that I got 3 conversions this month, but my bank account is not reflecting any sales. What should I do? Please suggest.

Re: No conversions

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HI Anshu,

Unfortunately this is a complex issue to resolve with information about the account and landing pages, which we do not have. You say you have had conversions but no sales? are you only tracking sales or are you tracking other things?

Where is your conversion tracking code placed?

What are you selling and what does the health of your account look like?

There could be a ton of reasons for minimal conversions. Have you followed all best practices? Is your negative keyword list extensive in order to minimise wasted spend? Is your keyword list well thought out and group according to tight themes? Are your ads both informative and able to segment your desired audience?

What are the KPI's of your account looking like? the CTR/QS of your keywords? impressions? ad position?

Is this your first account? Have you studied the relevant documents that Google has provided on the help center?

If this is your first account and you are new to adwords then I would suggest pausing your campaign for now and to do some extensive reading and studying, starting here:

If you are just looking for conversion information then start here:

And read all supporting documentation.

If you are simply looking for CRO tips then there are tons out there, but you can start by showing us your landing page and maybe getting suggestions here.

Hope this helps

Re: No conversions

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Hie Clynton

Thanks for your reply.

the website link is and targeting area is South Africa.

I am getting the relevant searches and my ad groups are very well tightly themed. I have placed my conversion tracking code to the Thank You page as the target is to sale the products and it has been verified as I got few conversions in the previous month correctly.

I am not new to the Adwords. I am running many accounts but this time I am unable to find out the solution.

In terms of health of my Adwrods account I am getting sufficient click in daily basis and that too are relevant. The QS of the keyword is between 6-9, the CTR of last 7 days is 5.37, no. of clicks I got in last 7 days are 165 and impressions are 3075.

Re: No conversions

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Hi Anshu,

I will have a look at the website later this evening as it is somewhat NSFW. Perhaps another here may help you in the meantime.