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No conversions w/Display-113K clicks! Conv tracking works.

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Hello everyone,


It's cry of the soul, just leave this here for your inspiration. If you will have any recommendations appreciate.


We've got approx 113K clicks (113K CALR!!!) at Display campaigns with no conversions. Approx 100K clicks in the old account and 12K in the new Adwords account. Our conversion tracking works good, the issue not in conversion tracking because Search and Remarketing campaigns convert well.

No associated conversions as well in Display.


Our business is in the finance industry. We tried using various targeting, audiences, keywords, sort of demographics, custom audiences, interests, many variations of ads (responsive, graphic, text), landing pages.

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Re: No conversions w/Display-113K clicks! Conv tracking works.

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Hi @Виталий П how do other metrics for the Display Campaign(s) compare against Search?  For example, what are the pages viewed, bounce rate, etc.?


How are you targeting your Display Ads?  Are they text or image, video, or a combination?


The first thing that springs to mind is that your Display Ads are attracting clicks from the wrong audience.  It might be that your Ads are interesting, but unclear in their marketing message, for example, if your Ad showed an image of a beautifully laid table with an attractive meal on the plates, it might look like you're a restaurant, whereas in fact you sell cutlery (or tablecloths).  If there's a couple eating at the table, you might be getting clicks from people looking for a dating agency, and so on.



What does your click data look like across devices?  Are you advertising on mobile apps?  Display Ads can clock up a lot of clicks from apps that are accidental and unless specifically relevant, I usually exclude apps from Display Campaigns (do this by adding as an exclusion).



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No conversions w/Display-113K clicks! Conv tracking works.

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Display has 98,17% bounce rate and 1,03 pages/session vs Paid Search 65% bounce rate and 2,79 pages/session.
Each ad group has images and text with a different variation of text and pictures. No video.

I think the issue is not in the message, the message is clear and developed specifically for our audience and goals. Unfortunately, I can't get more info regarding the exact message. I suppose the issue is in the audience.


The huge part of traffic is coming from mobile almost 95%. Mobile apps were excluded.

Also, I noticed that the most part of traffic are coming from websites with video content, from the last 10K clicks approx 85% were from websites with video content. So I decided to exclude all video content and picture sharing websites. Hope this will help.


Almost all conversions achieve from mobile. Conversion rate at the same level: mobile = desktop (desktop a bit higher). Bid modifiers didn't work for us, we tried to increase desktop bids as well as decrease mobile bids.

No conversions w/Display-113K clicks! Conv tracking works.

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Hi Виталий


I am no expert, but I would assume that you are targeting wrong audience if your bouncing rate is so high.

Bouncing rate is measure when visitor would open single page and that leave lending page without browsing further through your web page.

If your web page is is just single page that it does not matter.

If your web page is complex and you would expect from visitor to stay, brows and to turn in to conversion on the end that you are definitely targeting wrong audience.