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No Sales

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I have had my site up for roughly five months now and over that period of time i think I have spent approximately two months wages on advertising. 


Although I have had tons of visitors and I do mean tons I am not having any sales at one stage my analytics was showing 22000 visitors since the site started but now it is showing a much smaller amount my I just don’t understand.


The site has been changed around a few times to make it more appealing currently going with the minimalist look but still no change in the sales front. The Facebook visitors only seem to be coming whenever I pay for a booted post and that on top of the Adwords is getting out of hand considering there has been no sales as yet.


Is it possible for someone to have a look at my site and maybe give me a few pointers please also understand that I am basically computer illiterate but am trying everything on my site I have done myself so please any comments in layman’s terms I am not a programer.


Website URL:


Thank you 



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September 2015

Re: No Sales

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Hi Diedre,

Before getting into website design, SEO/SEM/UI/UX, etc., it would be essential to identify your target market and some unique selling points, or market differentiators. Don't worry, it isn't too painful, but it would be helpful in targeting the right audience. I think this is a matter of market messaging and targeting.

The end user is obviously whoever will wear the garments, but they are not necessarily the buyer. What kind of buyer are you targeting? Gender, age range, income range? Where do they live (local, specific counties, anywhere it the world)? Will it be a gift? Is this for only one type of event (a high school prom only?), body type, height range, how much do they usually spend, etc.? I think you can answer these questions fairly quickly.

Also, think about your unique selling point. What do you offer that cannot be bought anywhere else? What do you do that is better than anyone else? Do you have exclusive brands, cheapest brands? Do you deliver the same day? Ship anywhere in the world? Do you cater to plus size, pregnant women, do you provide a complete and complementing line of prom wear and accompanying accessories. Specific color palettes, and fabrics? Answering these might be a little tougher, but it is a worthwhile activity. You want to find your niche, and you want a message that will resonate with your target audience.

Re-do your website to capture this message to your target audience better. Also, I suspect your AdWords and facebook campaigns could use a re-work, also, to capture this message. There are things you can do, at least in AdWords, to target your audience better.

Also, check out the business model canvas:

Use this to aid in linking your products and target market (the offering and customers section). It is easy to understand, and could help you get the business under control while finding your niche and hopefully sales.

Good luck!

Re: No Sales

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Thank you George very much for your input it is much appreciated.