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No Conversion For Campaign For Last One Month

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Hi Webmasters,

I have been running a ppc campaign for the last one month. Campaign got so many clicks from relevant keywords these days. But dont get any conversion to the client. Can you suggest any problem for not getting any conversion. This is the website Also I designed a landing page for them like this and used as destination page in campaign. But no conversion. Can anyone suggest any improvement in terms of UI of the website or other. 
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Re: No Conversion For Campaign For Last One Month

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Did you check the search terms and see what users are actually entering to reach your website?


What type of keyword matching options are you using? Phrase, broad or exact?


Is it for the last month only that you are not getting conversions or since long this is happening?


Also, how't the traffic quality from other sources like organic, referral, social media etc...Are you getting any leads from them or not apart from AdWords?


I would also suggest you to try Call only campaigns and see how's the response. Sometime, there are businesses where people prefer making a phone call rather than filling up the form.



Re: No Conversion For Campaign For Last One Month

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Hi Phylip,


Hope you are doing well.


I went through your page and i don't see anything bad with the layout. However, i observed 2 contact numbers on the top and a link to your homepage. 


1) I would suggest having PPC specific numbers on the landing page. This way anyone who calls/converts, the conversion can be attributed to the PPC campaign.

2) Also, the link to homepage shouldn't be there as users might bounce off from the landing page without converting. Place the button somewhere else or make the brand logo direct to the homepage, once user clicks on it.


Visit Google Analytics for this particular page and see the user behavior after they land on the page (like bounce rates, where do they click the most, etc.). Identify the changes and then implement them.



In addition to this, i would look at the keywords and ad copies that you are targeting. If your keywords aren't relevant to your product, then the users will surely come to your page but wont convert as they didn't see what they wanted. Also, look at the conversion code that is placed on the Thank You page, if its specific to your adwords account (very silly but still do it).


Hope this helps. :smileyhappy: Do ping me in case of any anything.



Rohit Khanna

Re: No Conversion For Campaign For Last One Month

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Hi Phylip,

I completely agree with Rohit here.

The two numbers prominently present on your landing page will definitely draw your customers towards calling you directly. if these are not SEM specific numbers, then you will never be able to track these back to your SEM campaign.

Other than this, you should definitely look at GA and understand user behaviour on the page. This should help you understand if you have the right content on your page and if there is a need for any changes that you need to make to the page.

Call Only Campaigns is another good idea but you need to set this up correctly to ensure that you record conversions correctly. Here is link to the same:

Other than this, I would recommend that you test a landing page variation where you do not put numbers on the page. You can run a A/B test with the two sets of pages and check which one gets you better quality score or conversions. You can check GA for Bounce rate stats which will tell you if the page without the numbers is better in terms of user engagement.

These are just optimization checks you need to implement but at the end of the day, your ad copies, keywords and the overall relevancy of your themes matter the most. Do check your SQR's and the traction you are getting for your themes and it will tell you how good your targeting is.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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