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New tips to Increase Quality Score

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Hi Friends,

Here are some tips to increase Quality score of your keyword.


1. Put your Landing page url in google adword keyword tool and analyse that what google thinks about your page and related keywords to that page.


2. Put your keyword in meta content of your page like title, description, heading tags, image title and image alt atributes.


3. Make Optimized campaign means that create different ad groups for particlular sevices and particular keyword.

EX. If your having a real estate compoany so create groups like flats, row houses, bungalows, land etc. One mre thing is that create adcopies related to particuler services and keywords.


4. Put you keyword in adcopy title and if its possible that in display url too.


- Have a nice day






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Re: New tips to Increase Quality Score

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I will implement these tips and get back to the forum..

Re: New tips to Increase Quality Score

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no good response ... i will try but not effected ...

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September 2015

Re: New tips to Increase Quality Score

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Hi, Vicky - 


Thanks for sharing these beginning tips.


All I really want to add is a note to folks reading this post that improving quality scores is more likely to take weeks--or even months--than to be an overnight project.  


Optimizing your ads and refining both your keywords and negative keywords to make sure you're advertising to only the most precise audience you can identify is the best path to improving quality scores. (Well, those and making sure that your keyword list matches your product/service offerings as closely as possible.)  


Good luck!


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