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New keyword, no QS, no impressions, no clicks, 20USD bid, yet low ad rank ??

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Hi there.


Can somebody please explain this irony ? QS can't be determined because of not enough data, yet ad rank is low although I tried bidding 20USD on the term ? 


I started the account 2 days ago. Added the keyword yesterday, it has no impressions, no clicks whatsoever, They keyword shows up in the AD as well as in the landing page, I bid 4SAR on it around (1.3USD) and tried raising that to 20USD to troubleshoot, yet the same issue. Google can't determined the QS because of not enough data, then how did it determine the keyword has low ad rank when I even bid 20USD on it ?? 


As I said, the keywoed is completely new, it has no impressions what so ever, why and how did google determine it had a low ad rank ??? 


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New keyword, no QS, no impressions, no clicks, 20USD bid, yet low ad rank ??

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It's not the KW that has a low adrank, it's the combination of the KW, ad content, and landing page that actually determines the QS factors of adrank.


If you just opened the account two days ago, it could still be under review, or there could be some other factors involved preventing you from accruing impressions. Have you gotten any impressions at all for the entire account?