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New expanded text ads

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Hi All,


I have been going through my account and adding new expanded text ads. Typically I am making a couple different versions with different copy.


I am currently running this alongside standard text ads. I've got a couple questions:


  1. Should I pause current Ads once I have made expanded ads? Or
  2. (What I think is the correct thing to do is) Shall I leave them both running and turn off the standard text ads once the new ones start performing?
  3. Surely, considering the standard text ads have previous positive performance Google will automatically show these over the new ads I have created, making it harder for them to gain traction?


Any thoughts would be appreciated,





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Re: New expanded text ads

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Hey Mike,

You could perhaps run an experiment on standard ads vs. ETAs , Google states that it is possible to run experiments with the new ETA ads:

"AdWords tools that support experimenting with different ad text, like campaign drafts and experiments, are fully compatible with expanded text ads. We recommend trying out different variations on your expanded text ads to see which perform best for your business. When you create a new expanded text ad, we also recommend waiting for the ad to be approved before pausing your standard text ad." (Source:

Regardless you do want to start steering your account(s) towards solely ETA based ads since AdWords will start phasing out standard ads on October 26th, 2016.

Hope this helps!
- Josh
Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: New expanded text ads

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Hello Mike,

I think you should go for expanded ads these days. But you can keep some standard text ads remain to compare their performance. Also you can use rotate evenly in ad rotation settings to receive even impression share. But slowly you have to start using ETA (Expanded Text Ads). Quality Score and CTR will definitely increase as all advertisers presently not using ETA ads. I hope it will help you out.

Rohan Khanduja
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Re: New expanded text ads

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Hi Michael


Google always try to give some impressions to the new ads to analyse their performance irrespective of the ad-rotation option you are using whether it's optimise for clicks or optimise for conversion.


If the new Expanded Text Ads are performing for you, they will be contributing the major impressions in your campaign in some time in comparison with the older standard text ads.


Regarding the decision to pause the older text ads, I had the same discussion with my Google Account Team. They suggested to keep the standard text ads for the time being, as this feature is still new and Google has not yet stopped considering standard text ads.


I have seen people getting much better performance metrics when they started using ETA. I expect the same for your account as well. Please let me know if any help is required


Types of Ad-rotation:


Expanded Text Ads Best Practices: