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New campaigns for cities

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Hello Everyone

A very good Sunday Morning to all. The overall conversion rate of a campaign I am managing is low (though there are fair amount organic conversions from same locations, existing buyers; as per analytics a good part of purchasing is by 'not new users') In my pursuit to boost conversions I have decided to create new campaigns targeting cities only (London, Munich, and couple more).


1. Is that a good idea to target these locations (considering 60-70% are non-paid conversions)

2. Should I make the campaigns 'very 'orthodox' with maybe exact and few phrase match keywords) as they are targeting relatively small geographies instead of nation/states?

3. I would request the who's who of Adwords to kindly share their experiences, I am sure this is a conundrum you all have encountered umpteen times


Any contribution/suggestions are gracefully accepted, each word paid heed Smiley Happy






*campaign is 8 months old, (first 6 months managed by some other entity) conversions  have been sluggish  throughout. Client is short on patience



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Re: New campaigns for cities

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Hi Ajay, reading through your question I'm not sure I understand your reasoning for targeting cities only.  Location targeting tends to be based upon factors affecting the product - for example, is the product/service one more likely to appeal to city dwellers, or does the product involve expensive shipping costs making local sales more attractive.


If you can provide us with some more details of why you feel targeting cities may be a better idea than targeting larger regions, we may be able to offer some more help.



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Re: New campaigns for cities

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Hi Cobnut thanks for replying, actually there is no great reason behind targeting cities, truth is conversion is low and so I thought of collecting data of cities that have contributed most as far as conversions are concerned. That's all there is to it