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New Website - poor adwords impressions

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We have been running a website for several years on one URL, with succesful Google adwords campaigns and PLAs.


We have now created a new website, on a second URL.  We are in the process of launching this site and will run both side by side in the first instance, then once everything is running smoothly close down the original.


We have just set up our first adwords campaigns for the new site.  These are exactly the same as adwords we are running for the original site...same products, same settings, same bids.  The ones for the new site however are getting significantly less impressions and clicks.  


What could account for this, and will we see the same effect when we start running PLAs for the new site too?


Any help with figuring this out would be much appreciated Smiley Happy

Re: New Website - poor adwords impressions

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Hi District,

If you are running campaigns of 2 websites side by side then both websites are bidding same for same keywords. Since your old website campaign is running from a long time and has a good quality score and history performance so those keywords will get more impressions and clicks as compare too new website campaigns.

What I will suggest you is not to run a new campaign and just edit the landing pages within your current ads, Replace old website pages with new website pages.

But make sure that your new landing pages are much better as compare to old ones and provide better user experience.