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New Expanded Ads: But what about my current Ad history?

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So, finally Google has rolled out Expanded Ads. And every one is busy creating new expanded Ads. But what about current Ad History?

As everyone know that click-through rate is the most important component for deciding Quality Score.

So if we just change our current text Ads (or create new) into Expanded Ads, this will mean we will be completely deleting our current Ad history and will have to start over again. Right?

That means we have to start again from zero? No Ad history. No history CTR?

Will have to again compete to rank higher. Means higher CPC.

As our new Ads won’t be having an old CTR data, then again it will take time for our new Expanded Ads to obtain good Quality Score.?


I want to keep my Ads history, as those Ads are performing very well for last 1-2 years. If I decide to go with new Expanded Ads, then again I have to bid higher to obtain first rank.

Please can any tell me how to keep the Ad history in new Expanded Ads?

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Re: New Expanded Ads: But what about my current Ad history?

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Creating a new Expanded Ad is no different to creating a Regular Ad. All new ads start off with zero click history, but Google can still look at the history of the existing ads. And of course your keywords have CTR data, which will apply to the new ads.

Run the new ads alongside the old ads. This is best practise, as you can compare the results.

Re: New Expanded Ads: But what about my current Ad history?

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Hi Gaurav,

As explained by @RobSkelton, creating a Expanded Text Ads is just like creating a normal text Ad. So, they won't be keeping any history with them. But You can still take advantage of the learning which you had with your previous ads while creating the new Expanded Text Ads.

You can refer to the best practices for ETA using this link:

I have seen people getting much higher CTR when they started using ETA in their accounts. I would suggest you to quickly move to ETA as soon you get the access in your account.