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New AdWords Ad Format! Discussion, Testing, and Feedback

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Headlines are no longer bold.


In this tread I want to:

  1. Verify that everyone else is seeing this (I have spoken to about 10 people so far, to verify).
  2. Discuss why AdWords is doing this. Will this be a permanent fixture to ads?
  3. Talk about preliminary tests anyone is doing.
  4. Discuss ideas for writing better ads in the new landscape.


This may not be a big deal to many people, but I see it as HUGE.


PPC Matt


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Re: New AdWords Ad Format! Discussion, Testing, and Feedback

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Hi Matt,
It's been like that a few weeks now. Bolding has been removed in organic search too.

It's certainly a big change but we've found that it facilitates more creative copy, more enticing copy as you're not competing with "exact match stuffers". I think this was a good move. We've seen our CTRs increase across all accounts that we've managed.

New ads need to merge relevance and curiosity or address a pain point rather than just an exact match DKI with a call to action jammed on the end.

We've found that using the callout extensions for the keywords and using the full ad text for getting creative (Book recommendation: Catalog Copy That Sizzles [H G Lewis] on, we've been able to see a significant increase in all ads across the board. It's like human creativity has been brought back with a vengeance Smiley Happy As usual, the early bird catches the worm. The CRT increase has produced cheaper clicks for the same position due to QS improvements from the relative CTR of other competitors in the same position.

Finally, I wouldn't say we've done any definitive case studies based on this but the CTR is trending upwards and that's all that matters.

Re: New AdWords Ad Format! Discussion, Testing, and Feedback

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Thanks Dave, this is the conversation I was hoping for. Initially I disliked that I could not strategically make words stick out bold, but over the weeks, I agree that it does offer more flexibility.

Messaging is now key, not "hey look at me" bolded text. I do think that messages that reach for a more general audience like "Naked Pictures of Brittney Spears" are also going to start to show up in search where normally they were only possible in display.


I have seen a reduction in branded CTR, and some other places where I know the old copy needs to be changed. That book looks like a classic marketing copy book, available at my local library Smiley Wink I will definitely check it out.


I have several hundred ads to rewrite, if there is a programmatic way to do the bulk of the work I will do it. Descriptive, attractive, and maybe even offers in headlines. This will be fun.