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Network Distribution

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How does the Search and display network work in AdWords?

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September 2015

Re: Network Distribution

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Hi Silas, that's a fairly big question, so I'll make the answer simple and then you can ask more questions in response.

So, simply put, the "Search network" is, by default, Google Search - the page you use to search for stuff on the Net, and Google's selected search Partners (sites that also offer Net search services).  Ads on Search are displayed by Google at the top, right-hand side and sometimes bottom of the results, Search Partners vary in where they show Ads.


The Display network, commonly known as the GDN, are websites displaying AdSense Ads and can be any site owned by anyone across the entire globe.  So, for example, your Ads could appear on a company home page or on a personal hobby website.  AdWords offers controls to where your Ads are shown so you can target your ads to the best sites.


Does this help?



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