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Negative keywords with BMM

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Hi All,


I have started up a campaign using BMMs to try and reach Rotary groups. I currently have +rotary +websites as one of my main keywords b/c I am looking for people that are trying to rotary website software/templates etc. 


While I get those people, I also get a lot of clicks in the form of "Rotary of [city name] website". For example:


Rotary of new orleans website

Rotary of New York websites

website for rotary of durham


Those are people looking for a specific rotary club's already existing website. 


Up until now, I had been going in after the fact and adding all those as negative keywords but that's a little ineffective b/c there are 30k rotary clubs and each of the clicks I'm getting is from one impression. 


I just added [rotary of] to my negative keywords list, would this help? I can understand if it won't get all of them but hoping that it at least gets some! Thanks for any help

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Re: Negative keywords with BMM

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The [rotary of] is an exact match, so that will only stop your ad from showing if someone exactly typed just those two words rotary of

You may want to ad the phrase match version "rotary of" is more in line of what you are thinking.

You can google and find list of states and city names to do bulk uploads to a negative keyword list. You can add those cities individually as broad match, you may also want to add abbreviations of all the states.

Broad Match ( has no [ ] or " " symbols in the negative keyword list
A + can not be used in a Negative keyword list ( meaning it doesn't function as it does as a BBM for live keywords and is taken as the actual symbol of a + sign as part of the keyword query)

Re: Negative keywords with BMM

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Thanks so much for the help!

Didn't realize the + in the negative keywords list and I actually meant to have it as a "phrase' and not [exact].

I like the idea of the bulk upload of city/state names and I think i'll start doing that as well