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Negative keywords and what to do

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Dear All,


I am struggling with a negative keywords list and a couple of questions came to my mind.


Is there a limit to the number of keywords I can add? Also, should somehow somewhere look at them once my campaigns are running? Cos I honestly never do.

The only thing I do is to expand the list whenever a search query report reminds me to not bid on specific keywords.


Also, does it harm to add the list to ALL the campaigns in the account even if it doesn t look "needed"?







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September 2015

Re: Negative keywords and what to do

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Good morning - 


There are limits to the total number of keywords (positive and negative combined) you can have in an account, yes, but the current maximum limit is something like three million, so you probably don't need to be concerned.


Mining your search query report and adding unwanted search phrases as negative keywords is an excellent strategy.


It does absolutely no harm to add a negative to all campaigns. 


You can look at your negative keywords by scrolling to the bottom of the keyword tab and expanding the Negative keywords option there. While you might not need to review your negative keyword list often, there's nothing wrong with the idea of checking it occasionally--you want to make sure that you're adding your negatives in the right match types so that you don't block traffic you want to receive, you might realize you can replace a dozen less-precise negatives with a single, shorter phrase that will block them and other unwanted searches, etc. 

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