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Negative keyword list for Criminal Injury Claims

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Hi there, im looking to try and market my cleints campaign for criminal injury claims on a budget of 600pounds per month. My customer recieves 175pounds for successful claims and converts 3/10 phone calls. The avg cost per click is around 6pounds so i need to build a really tight negative keyword list for this. any ideas or help available

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September 2015

Re: Negative keyword list for Criminal Injury Claims

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Hi Swimby,

Welcome to the forum! Smiley Happy

Are you looking for negative keywords suggestions?

I am sorry I do not have any specific Negative keyword list. I can only tell you to add general suggestions that go by most of the industries such as job, jobs, employee, employees, salary, salaries, occupation, opening, free, recruiter, recruiting, resume, resumes, career, careers, sample, samples. You can block initially some informational keywords too such as info, information, about, definition, "what is', "what are".

If your services are not cheap, you can consider adding some negative keywords such as cheap, cheapest, cheep, cheaper, discount, discounted, free (if you are not providing anything in free) etc.

Lastly you can add some negative keywords that are related to other injury claims other them Criminal Injury claims such as "personal injury" "accident injury" these will go only if you are not providing these services at campaign level. But if you are providing these services in this case these will go at adgroup level.

Best is to use opportunities tab and keywords tool to look for Negative keywords. While looking for positive keywords, you look for negative keywords as well. You will be able to find many industry specific negative keywords from these sources.

Lastly, I just want to add that you can use BMM, phrase and exact match type keywords to target right audience and cut down burden of adding lot of negatives.

Hope it helps!


P.S : Above are only examples from my side, I would suggest you match all above keywords with your services and add them ad negative if you find them suitable. Smiley Happy
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Re: Negative keyword list for Criminal Injury Claims

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Hi Swimby,


Thanks for your post. As Neha mentioned, you can use the Keywod Tool to identify negative keywords. Once the campaign has performance history, you can then use the Search Terms Report to continually add more negative keywords to the campaign. 


I hope this helps.