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Negative keyword conflict?

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I know that in MSN adcenter, there's a way to get neg. keyword conflict report.. is there such in adwords?

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Re: Negative keyword conflict?

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You could try and run a diagnose keywords report at campaign level from the keywords tab.


Go to your selected campaign

Click the keywords tab

Highlight all keywords

Click More actions > Diagnose keywords

Select Domain and targeting

Run test


If you have keywords coming up with "Approval issue" they are generally because of negatives in the campaign preventing them from appearing.


Or use adwords editor


Under Tools select Find duplicate keywords

Change match types to "duplaicates can have different match types (even negatives)

Choose the campaigns or adgroups you want to check

Click find duplicate keywords.


I hope this helps you out.



Re: Negative keyword conflict?

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Thanks Purefuzz.


I ran the 1st thing you suggested and here are few things i've gotten


1) This keyword is triggering ads from another ad group with a similar keyword:

2) Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords.


Ok, so i have three campaigns.. they have exact same ad groups/keywords.. except that they are broad, phrase, and match.

I ran this on the broad match campaign...


So here are my questions

A) What exactly does #1 mean? I know it's plain english but I am not following what it means... (i.e. would like an example)

B) Does #2 mean that this keyword (i.e. as exact match) isn't showing in the broad campaign because it's being given preference to the exact match campaign? If that is the case, variations of this keyword SHOULD be getting impressions on the broad campaign, no?



Re: Negative keyword conflict?

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Hi taewoo,


In addition to above posts, my thoughts would be that this is happening because of the same keywords being used with different match types. So according to me the solution would be to include the embedded negative matches at the campaign or ad group level.


You might try this:-

For example you are running new york car insurance with all match types across different ad groups, the try including the phrase match "new york car insurance" as negative in the ad group where broad match (i.e. new york car insurance) is included. Similarly, include exact [new york car insurance] as negative at ad group level where phrase match is included. And there is no need to include this negative for Exact Match ad group. By doing this, your traffic flow would get streamline and broader search terms would associate with Broad match ad groups and Phrase with phrase and exact with exact.


Another alternative would be to identify the search queries attached with your keywords. For that run the Search Terms report and you will see what kind of queries are actually getting trigerred with different match type keywords. Based on that, you can choose which negative keywords will work best for you and include them at campaign or ad group level as per situation.


You can refer to this article regarding embedded negative matches.


Hope that helps!


Re: Negative keyword conflict?

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Hi All,

I have couple of queries:

1. How do I check for conflicting negatives in a campaign or adgroup in editor....

2. Is there a shortcut way to check mis spellings