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Negative exact match variant blocks exact match?

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Hey guys

I have [keyword] in my adgroup

i do a query report and find that [keywords] is triggering my ad due to it being a close variant to [keyword]

i want to add [keywords] as a negative exact match because it's not converting for me.


since [keywords] is a close variant, would having this in my negative keyword list block ads from triggering off [keyword]?

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September 2015

Re: Negative exact match variant blocks exact match?

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Hi Mike S,

The negative exacts don't use the close variants like the phrase and exacts normally do so it won't block what you want to show for.

Another option would be to go into your campaign setting (Keyword matching options under advanced settings) and turn off the close variant matching option which would also prevent this keyword appearing as a close variant. It depends on how well the other terms are doing for you so maybe run a keyword detail report and see how many other are in the same situation before making your decision.

I hope this helps you.