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Negative broad match keyword block targeted exact phrase keyword

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Negative keywords used on broad match block the exact targeted keyword


Example  :


We are a used truck sales company , Currently we are targeting keyword [tata trucks for sale] , we have included 'tata'   as negative keyword to block unwanted keywords to come up in search like tata tea, tata internet etc.


Please help me how I can solve this issue.


Also can anyone give me a solution on how I can use "tata trucks for sale" as broad match without triggering any other unwanted keywords.


thanks in advance for your replies


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September 2015

Re: Negative broad match keyword block targeted exact phrase keyword

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Hello Billy,

Thanks for your question.

The negative keywords are performing as expected. Since you have added "tata" as a negative keyword, any broad keyword containing the word "tata" will be blocked and those keywords will not trigger the ad.

What you can do??

I would recommend you to add keywords like tea, internet etc.., as negative keyword. This will help you in blocking unwanted queries and at the same time you can show your ads for the keyword "tata truck for sale".

Hope this helps.