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Negative Keywords

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Just a small doubt,

when entering Negative keywords, do i have to pecify each key word ,such as broad ,exact, phrase match, Or just enter each in seperate line? 


for example, my keyword is Airport taxi,   but i wannu add  Airport parking as negetive word,   so do i  set the negetive as [airport parking], or just normal? and wunt it not effect the keyword as both got airport in it?


Thank you. 

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Re: Negative Keywords

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Hello Dean,


The negative match type depends on what you are trying to achieve for that particular phrase. So if you didn't want any "parking" related searches triggering your ads for example you could include the negative keyword 'parking' as broad match. If you include [airport parking] as a negative keyword then your ad won't appear for the search 'airport parking' but will still display for any other 'airport' related keywords you have included in your campaign.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Negative Keywords

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hi ScottyD