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Negative Keyword Punctuation - Plus Signs?

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The question is:

If I see the following keyword:

c++ programming


Show up in a search terms report, if I add the phrase c++ as a negative, will the Adwords system read it as C++ or with it recognize it as c while ignoring the + signs?


I understand the below from this link.


Using symbols with your keywords

You can use two symbols, ampersands (&) and accent marks (á), in your keywords. We'll consider keywords with these symbols as two different keywords, like sidewalk cafe and sidewalk café.

Here are some of the symbols that our system doesn't recognize:

  • Ignored symbols: You can add periods (.) or dashes (-) to your keywords, but we'll ignore this punctuation. That means we'll consider the keywords Fifth Ave. and Fifth Ave, for example, identical keywords.
  • Invalid symbols: You'll see an error message if you add keywords that contain certain symbols. Some of the symbols that can't be used in your keywords are: , ! @ % ^ * () = {} ; ~ ` <> ? \ |
  • Search operators: We'll remove the "site:" operator from your keywords. That means if you add the keyword [ dark chocolate], we'll consider it the same as [dark chocolate]. If you're someone who uses advanced search operators on Google, you might want to know how those operators work with your keywords. If you add a particular search operator to your keywords, AdWords will ignore it. For example, if you add the search operator "OR" to the keyword dark chocolate, like OR dark chocolate, AdWords will ignore the "OR" command and target your ads with the keyword dark chocolate.
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Re: Negative Keyword Punctuation - Plus Signs?

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Hi Jarad,

I think that c and c++ as Negative Keywords will be exactly the same.  As I understand it, in this case the AdWords system would ignore the + sign.  I suggest you add it as Negative Keyword both as c and as c++.

Re: Negative Keyword Punctuation - Plus Signs?

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Brian is totally right, AdWords recognizes only two types of symbols in keywords ampersands (&) and accent marks (á) other than these symbols will be ignored.