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Negating Remarketing audience from your other campaigns

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1) Why do people negate remarketing lists from other camgpaigns ? Does this make sense ? I want understand this stratergy in detail.Please help people !!


2) lets say I have three list a) New mobile devices-30 days b) new mobile devices-60 days c) New Mobile devices-90 days . In this case -is it necessary to negate lists from each other adgroup ? Its very confusing for me. 


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Re: Negating Remarketing audience from your other campaigns

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Hello Santosh,

Welcome to AdWords Community.

Going by your example, when you say List Size 30 days, it means the visitors in Last 30 days and for 60 days it means the visitors in last 60 days and so on.

So now, if you want to target people who visited in the Fiirst 30 days, then you have to subtract Last 60 days - Last 30 days, i.e which results in the Visitors of First 30 days.


Please read the article on Custom Combinations in remarketing: This will help you greatly.

Hope this Helps.
- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: Negating Remarketing audience from your other campaigns

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Hi Santosh,

The basic idea behind negating users from other lists is to ensure that the same users that could be part of both the lists can be negated out, as that will ensure if we do not end up remarketing or even targeting the same set of users through 2 or even 3 different campaigns.

Also, as Prashanth explained, negating the 30 Days list from the 90 Days list (for example) gets you a list of users who had visited your website between the 31st Day to the 89th day. If you were running a promotional campaign for a deal on the website during these days and want to remarketing to users who didnt convert for you, you can use this custom combination to run your remarketing campaign successfully.

Basically, Custom combinations are made to shortlist a set of users who you have identified who you want to reach out but you cannot do so by just using a single common remarketing list.

Do give the Link Prashanth has provided and let us know if there are any other queries on this.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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