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Need to run mobile only campaign

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Hi everyone,


I need your help on this-


Objective- To get traffic from mobile only.
What's my request to Adwords - Raise the max bid adjustment limit for mobile upto 900% or more, same way we can do for Location bid & Ad Scheduling.

We all know that after the launch of enhanced campaign its almost impossible to target devices separately. But applying some bid strategy its possible to an extent and one can avoid traffic from desktop & tabs.

For an example- I will keep max cpc $0.25 for all But for mobile device I will raise it to 300%; This way, on the desktop & tab my ads are less likely to appear as the bid is too low.
But on mobile this can appear at a good position.

But when does this technique fail-
Suppose you want to be at the top on Mobile and competition is too high on the keywords.
For example- You need to bid $3 or more for mobile, in this case minimum bid for desktop you have to keep is 0.75 as max we can raise it is 300%.
In this case, Ads starts showing up on 5-6 position on Desktop as well Smiley Sad as max cpc is 0.75 now.


I am aware about newly launched call-only campaign. I don't want to use this. I want to keep both options open (call & online conversion) for customers.


Please suggest me if you guys have any idea.




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Re: Need to run mobile only campaign

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You say you want to get traffic from mobile only, but you also say you want to serve both calls and online conversions. 


I assume you mean you want people to be able to convert on their phones but want to discourage people on computers from seeing your ads or converting?


If that's the case, I want to say that the system doesn't really offer an option for this. If you want to allow online conversions, I don't think there's much of a way for you to dictate that these come from phones instead of desktop traffic.


You ask, specifically, "when does this technique fail" and my only answer is that it might "fail" at any time. Ad positioning is about a lot more than bids, after all. Quality scores, landing page quality, ad performance--there are a lot of factors that go into determining what bid(s) you need to offer and what ad positioning you might achieve.


I think this is one of those cases where you're going to have to test your strategy and make adjustments when you see your data.


Good luck!





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