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Need suggestion for a keyword with 2 mandatry words

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Hi, I am managing a campaign for "lost and found at airport". I want to show ads only with 2 mandatory words which is Lost my Bag at airport. So my ad should show on the search network only when some body is typing a, query with combination of Lost and Airport words. Don't want to show any other variant. An example for our ad is "Lost my bag at Bangkok airport". Please suggest for the exact match with combination of 2 words.

Re: Need suggestion for a keyword with 2 mandatry words

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Hello gyanranjan P ! Welcome to the AdWords forum !


Any other keyword match except the exact match, will be triggered by many other variations than the actual words.


You will also have to disable the default option of "show close variants" from the Campaign configuration, down the page at the bottom there is this setting :




You will have to build many exact match keywords like this


[Lost my bag at Bangkok airport]


If you use phrase match, users can type words before and after the phrase and if you use broad modified match, the words can appear in any order in the user's "search term" or "search string".


For more info about keyword matching types , please read these :

Re: Need suggestion for a keyword with 2 mandatry words

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Hello, gyanranjan


Very good question - which certainly needs a lot of thought.


I have a few solutions for you:


1) Broad Match Modifier + negative keyword exclusion list

2) Smarter than usual Exact Matchin'


A bit more detail:


1) Broad Match Modifier + negative keyword exclusion list


If you append the modifier “+” to individual tokens in a keyword phrase, you will signal to Google that the token you specified with a “+” (or very close variants) must appear in the query, while the other words may broad matched as usual. Your keyword should look like this:


+lost +airport


This is exactly what you need, but don't get too excited yet. It's still broad match, and there probably still are a lot of bad combinations you will trigger. That is why you need a very good negative exclusion list. First learn everything you can about broad match modifier, then about building negative keyword lists. You can find a lot of good advice on these particular subjects on the web's. Using these two combined should give you pretty good results.


2) Smarter than usual Exact Matchin'


Use Google Autocomplete + all the letters in the alphabet to pull out all major keyword prefixes and keyword suffixes for your standard queries. Combine them together with some basic text editing tools to form all possible combinations. Insert them in Adwords as exact match keywords and then remove all variants with "low search volume" (you can also use Google Adwords Keyword tool to filter them). This is just an example, of course you can do it in other ways - for example by using Google Analytics and checking all existing traffic for ideas, using keyword suggestions from Adwords, and so on...


Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, I just wanted to give you some ideas to think about!




Re: Need suggestion for a keyword with 2 mandatry words

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In my view as Zoi Mentioned, you should use the Modifier with the Keywords.

Try using following:
+lost bag +airport
+lost suitcase +airport
+lost luggage +airport
+lost baggage +airport
+lost travel bag +airport
+lost handbag +airport

and other variants to these keywords. I hope these Keywords will help you a bit and don't forget to run a search term report after 15 days to get an overview about what is being searched for your Keywords.