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Need help for generating best keywords list

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Hi Friends,


I am new to google adwords and need help to generate best keywords.


I have tried all the tools including google also but couldn't find out best keywords that are working for me.


At present we are in a business of supporting Microsoft windows product over remote (not Harware issues)- issues that can be resolved over remote connection.


I would like to generate Keywords that are generating more traffic and conversion to my business and I need to understand how to find out most searchable keywords in a particular location


I tried with some companies who are giving adwords support but they couldn't bring good traffic to us and if they could bring, all the customers are looking for free service (Note: I clearly mentioned in my ads as paid site).


Anyone willing to help, please send a mail to




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September 2015

Re: Need help for generating best keywords list

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Here are few things I would try to start with

  • Look at your current clients and what problems they faced when they came to you.
  • Create a list of all those problems something like "installing ms office" sorry its bad example but i dont have much idea about windows issues 
  • Start with that as your base keyword list with BMM andd then via search query report add more phrase and exact terms
  • I would also encourage you to use some kind of support ticket system rather than just a contact form, that will help making you look more professional and making it clear that its a paid service.
  • For how to search queries there are a lot of forums about MS products you can also try those under topix and placements



Regards, Nik
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Re: Need help for generating best keywords list

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Hi Nik,


Thanks for your reply!


Can you tell me how to find out which keyword is performing better in a particular geographical area or what are all the keywords searched in that particular geographical area under any particular topic.

Re: Need help for generating best keywords list

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Normally for anything geo related I include the specific location in the keyword search. For instance I do freelance web design and I live near Boca Raton. If I wanted to target that location I would search "Boca Raton Web Design".

Re: Need help for generating best keywords list

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In regard's to the KEYWORDS


Please log on to and click on LIVE CHAT for assistance (0500 - 2100 EST)


We would love to help you, 



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