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Need help- QS is 2 and CPC has gone up 15 times

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I need some serious help here.


My CPC was about 30c when we started our adwords account in June. Since September, our QS has tanked to 2 and our CPC has gone over $5.


I have been tweaking the ads all the time, but haven't done anything dramatic to warrant such a poor QS (2) and such a high CPC. I did update the website from static HTML to wordpress, but from what I understand it should have not had any effect.


If fact, I have been trying to combat this by adding specific landing pages for each ad group/list of keywords. No change whatsoever. QS is stuck at 2.


I need someone to look at this and help.


If its appropriate to paste my ad and keyword, here, pl let me know.

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Re: Need help- QS is 2 and CPC has gone up 15 times

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HI Antilog,


The first thing you need to do is stop experimenting so much with your ads, bids & langing page. It is misconception that making a good change to your website will instantly improve your quality score. The fact is every time you make a change to anything related to your campaign the system reboots your quality score assessment process and it mostly affects your performance.


If you are concerned with your CTR then your ads surely needs split testing, however I would never suggest to change the existing ad itself. Insert an entirely new ad copy and keep all the old ones active until the new ads start getting enough traffic. You can then pause the underperforming ad copy to best suit your campaign.


For now I would strongly suggest to only run your best keywords & ads so that you accumulate good CTR & quality score for some time. Once your continue this good spree of performance your quality will be back to normal and avg cpc should decline.


Please remember to limit your campaign changes to minimum in order to maximize on your performance!




Re: Need help- QS is 2 and CPC has gone up 15 times

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Hi antilog


CPC has been increased because of QS drop down.QS can drop down for several reasons.the most core factors are 

The historical CTR of the display URLs in the ad group  The quality of your landing page  The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group  The relevance of the keyword and the ad to the search query  Your account's performance in the geographical region where the ad will be shown  Other relevance factors  


Re: Need help- QS is 2 and CPC has gone up 15 times

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Google Employee

Hi Antilog,


Thanks for your post. Some really useful replies from the Community there - thanks! 


Salmagio explained the factors of quality score well. Quality score is based on a great many signals. Here is a short breakdown:

- The average CTR of the keyword in question across all accounts. 

- The specific account performance.

- Relevance - CTR is the main component of relevance. 


On the subject of account performance, quality score is like a web. The individual performance of every element of an account (ad texts, keywords, ad groups, campaigns and domains) will affect every other element. The longer there is bad performance of any of those elements, the more negatively affected an account can become which why we recommend deleting badly performing keywords. 


I'd recommend contantly refining your keyword list and delete poorly performing keywords. Keep an eye on the See Search Terms Report for new keyword ideas and also to weed out any potential negative keywords. 


I hope this helps!