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Need good explanation to number of clicks and CTR

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I am an Affiliate promoting some Stores on my Website. When I check my reports on Stats  what I see  under Sales and Activity for August,2013  are the following which I want to know if it's Sales

                 Clicks               CTR

Store # 1       5                   166.67

Store # 2       6                   300.00

Store  # 3      11                  550.00

Store  # 4      16                  400.00


Under   Revenue and Sales for August 2013  I have the following information

Date                         Clicks                        CTR

8/17/2013                    22                           1100.00

8/20/2013                    36                            1800.00

8//22/2013                   13                            433.33

8/23/2013                     34                            566.67

8/25/2013                    23                             1150.00

8/26/2013                    12                             600.00


According to my report there is  Zero  sales and Zero commission to me on all these numbers I have here.

My question is , is there a mistake on the Stats Report  as you see here ?  and if the numbers under the CTR are Sales, is there something wrong with their cookies counting for the Advertiser ?

Please I need some help here for a better explanation of what is going on here.


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Re: Need good explanation to number of clicks and CTR

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Hi Anthony,

Where are you pulling this data from? Is this from your AdWords interface?

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: How do I generate good traffic onto my Site/Blog ?

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Hi Bossman,

This is not an Adwords Account. It's from my Website Affiliate Report Stats.

How do I generate a  pretty good traffic on to my Site/Blog  Online Store.? I have very poor turn out of visitor to the  Blog.

Anyway  the Site was started  in July 10,2013. How Long will it take me to see good result of traffic ?