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Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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Dear Adword Teams / Google Community
i m new here and using first time, Running my Adword using Simple Broad match and phrase match and getting irrelevant clicks and wrong persons on my website and money going on adwords clicks

i tried find help on internet but not found better

can any body help me on keyword type so i can avoid repeating keyword two times in m y Ad Group

my target is


"desert safari dubai"

"dubai desert safari"

"desert safari tour"


are these three same or duplicate?
Looking forward your guys kind response

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Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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If you are entering those keywords WITH the quotation marks (not just here to highlight them), then they are "phrase match" keywords. The idea with phrase match is to match against a keyword sequence, a phrase contained within it -- so the ORDER does matter.  The words will not match if they are not in the order declared. 


If you are getting too broad of matching using broad match.  Suggest you try using MODIFIED broad match, which is invoked by using a + sign with each word that is required.  For example, the broad match term


desert safari dubai


would become:


+desert +safari +dubai


Which would match against all search terms entered that contain those three words.  You might also want to use:


desert +safari +dubai


which casts a little broader net -- the word desert may be matched to a broader range of similar words. 




Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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Dear Sir Steve


Bunch of Thanks for your reply. LOVE Google i never thought that i will get reply from gogole community so fast

i just tried for find help. Ton of thanks


what i want

what i want?

I want when people search on they see on any 3 position

What I asking from google?

dubai safari

desert safari

dubai desert safari

desert safari dubai

desert safari dubai deals

dubai desert safari deals

dubai desert safari tour

desert safari tour

desert safari trip

desert tour dubai

dubai safari tour

desert safari deals

desert safari offer

desert safari package

desert safari in dubai

safari in dubai

safari tour dubai

quad bike safari dubai

desert safari quad bike

4x4 desert safari dubai

camel safari dubai

camel ride safari dubai

desert safari booking

dune bashing dubai

evening desert safari

evening safari dubai

evening safari tour dubai


+desert +safari +dubai

+desert +safari +tour /OR/ “desert safari tour”


The Left Table is for Search Queries. i want if customers write in google any one of them they can see my ad top 1 OR 2 position


that is what i am asking you last 5 days and you not helping me, can you Transfer my email to other person?






i need  right keywords type so my ads can be appear. can u please help me it a request




Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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Well, this is an AdWords support forum and the contributors are largely volunteers; we answer questions but do not really get into "AdWords campaign design", that is beyond the scope of this forum.  However there are plenty of tutorials available posted in these communities about how to setup keywords, match types, and ad groups in your campaign.  Google also has some great video tutorials online. 


I would just offer this, you could start with using all the keywords above in phrase match and perhaps exact match, complemented by some of the broader keywords in modified broad match, to catch matches you might have missed. 


Going beyond that, it is important to structure similar keywords into separate "ad groups" and to have ad copy for each ad group which reflects those keywords, in order for your campaign to perform well.  This is also covered in AdWords tutorials. 


It is OK to start with more keywords than you think you will need.  You can gradually pare it down or expand it based upon performance. Many times the keywords that perform, will surprise you so it is often better to begin by "casting a wider net". 


hth, and best of luck with your campaign.


Re: Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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Hi Book Dubai T,


If you are new to the AdWords and not aware of keywords match types then I would recommend you to first go the the Keywords match types.

Instead of using broad match type keywords, I suggest you to use mixed match type keywords including modified broad, phrase and exact.


The most important thing which you must focus with any of the keywords match type (except the exact match type keywords) is the Negative keywords. Use a general list of negative keywords at campaign/ad group or account level(from shared library) and also keep an eye on the search queries by the users in search term report.

Add the irrelevant term as negative keywords and add most search terms with conversions as your main keywords.


To search the relevant keywords to your business/services, use Keyword Planner tool.


To rank your ads on top positions, use can either use automatic bidding: target search page location(Top of the first search results page) or manually bid for top positions.


  • This bid strategy will alter only the bids for top positions, not the quality score.
  • Also, it does not guarantee that the ads will appear on top positions all the time.




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Need Some Help for make Keyword Type

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Badged Google Partner

Hello @Book Dubai T,

Since you are getting irrelevant traffic, I would suggest you to use negative keywords.
Google AdWords supports match phrase called "negative keywords." This means that within Ad Groups, you can designate not only the terms you want to bid on, but also the variations of terms you don't want included in the basket of clicks that you'll pay for.



Syed Sayem Mustafa