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Need Help In PDF Report

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I am trying to download one adwords pdf report 

but i am getting error

"pdf reports are not available for more than 1000 rows"


i have 1700 rows so pls let me know how to download in pdf format


Can i download in parts (500 keywords X 4 times download)


Let me know i dont have any idea

Need Help In Preparing Adwords Report

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I need help in making adwords report.


Can i download reports in pdf format like we do in google analytics?


What other reporting formats we can download from adwords account?



Re: Need Help In PDF Report

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Hi Lena. To me, it seems like the only advantage of a PDF report is that it includes the graph at the top of the report. If you wanted all 1700 rows at once, you can just download it as an Excel or .csv file, take a screen shot of the graph inside of AdWords, paste it in Excel, and then "save as" a PDF from inside of Excel.