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My text ads are doing great, but my image ad doesn't

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Approved at the same time, so I just don't understand if there is something I am missing, I would love to see an image ad show! Smiley Happy thanks in advance!

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Re: My text ads are doing great, but my image ad doesn't

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Hi trish1207 and welcome to the forum.  Are you saying your image Ad isn't being shown at all, i.e. it's not receiving any impressions?  If so, are you sure it's been approved; there were some delays in the approval process last week.


Image Ads are a little different from text Ads in how they approach the auction; the most obvious difference is that image Ads require an entire Adsense block to show whereas a text Ad can be just one of 3 or 4 other Ads being shown.  If your Campaign is CPC based (i.e. you're paying per click), it may be that your Max CPC setting is OK for the text Ads but not high enough for the image Ad.


What does the little "speech bubble" next to the Ad status say when you hover over it?



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