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My image ads hardly ever shown, why?

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Anyone who knows what I can do?


I have some problems concerning my image ads. The thing is that I want them to be shown a lot. Even more than the text ads, if I could skip them I would prefer that and only use the image ads. But adwords shows me that they are hardly ever shown. Why is that? Is there something I can do to fix this, and do you maybe have some tips for me how I can spend all my budget? For exemple I put 10 dollars a day, how can I make sure that all of it is spent?


Another question. Is there a possibility for me to see if the person that cliks on my ad buys the product in the end? 


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September 2015

Re: My image ads hardly ever shown, why?

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Hey Berglind,


You are able to use only image ads, simply pause your test ads.


How many different images ads & sizes do you have? Image ads can only be shown on sites that except them (far less when compared to text ads), and the dimension of the image ad plays a part because certain websites display certain dimensions. I would make sure that you have several different sizes. You can find a list of accepted dimensions here


Also, what type of targeting are you using? Contextual, interests categories, topics, placements, auto? This will also help with reach. Find a list of options here.