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My average CTR is increasing but my Quality score is going backwards

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Hi there,


After diligently looking at posts here and on Google's main site, I understood getting a higher CTR was a big factor in increasing Quality score. Subsequently, I increased my max bid amount on adwords and started to get positions 1, 2 and 3 consistently and whala.... my all time CTR has now doubled in 5 weeks (I hadn't been doing adwords for that long prior). It went from under 2% to now over 4% and my current daily CTR is tracking at like 5-6% so it's still got room to increase. The weird and frustrating thing is that my quality score on some days (particularly recently) has actually fallen from like 8's down to 5's and 6's. At the same time my natural organic ranking seems to be steadily improving so I can't really see how google hates my page all of a sudden in terms of content etc. Plus I looked at my google analytics data and my avg bounce rate is 48% and avg time spent on page is over 3 minutes. Those metrics have improved over the same period. Iv'e also noticed that even though my quality score is like 5 or 6, I'm still ranking at 1 or 2 - possibly just paying more. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?


I really appreciate your help in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: My average CTR is increasing but my Quality score is going backwar

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Hello and welcome,


After looking at all the stats and metrics which you have shared in your post, I would say that you are managing the account pretty well Smiley Happy


I think what you need to understand here is that Quality Score improvement is a slow and gradual process. Don't expect it to increase all of a sudden. So in case you are maintaining an excellent CTR, keep doing that and you might expect some improvement lately. Although CTR is a prime factor but there are other factors too which are taken into consideration while calculating QS. Read this article for more insights:


My personal opinion is that keeping apart these important metrics (Quality Score, CTR, account history etc...) you should try and focus on building more leads/sales for your account. And in case you are already doing that, then continue optimizing your account from business perspective as well so that you achieve good ROI.


Please note that organic ranking is nothing to do with your keyword's Quality Score here. That's separate part from Adwords system.


Best of Luck!


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Re: My average CTR is increasing but my Quality score is going backwar

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Hello Monarch I,


What pankaj1782 said, in most of the chases is true. Also, from my experience, most of the similar problems are solved in time because "quality Score improvement is a slow and gradual process".


I want to give you just a few extra things to think about while time passes:


Increasing CPC and position generally raises CTR but also has some side effects:


-> visitor intent might slightly change

-> your website's weak points are amplified

-> your brand awareness has more weight

-> competitor's strong points are also amplified

-> customer relationship has more weight



Examples for each case:


-> visitor intent might slightly change -> If you advertise on the top spots you will get a higher number of impatient users, and advertising in a lower position will bring a higher ratio of users interested in alternatives to the main products. If your website is not prepared for this kind of users, you will get higher abandonment rate, higher bounce rate, longer time on site and changes in other metrics that Google might consider for landing page quality score. Maybe competitors at top spots, in time, adjusted their websites and do a pretty good job with this kind of users, in this case, it will hurt you even more.


-> your website's weak points are amplified -> let's assume you have some products, but your description are pretty short. When you advertised on lower ad spot, your competitors were doing a good job with the kind of users that needed a good description. But now you have the first website they reach and they need to find out more before they buy.


-> your brand awareness has more weight - > being in the lower ad spots made mostly customers interested in alternatives reach your site. If in top spots are competitors with well known brand names, probably more users click first on them. So, even if your CTR is higher than what you had on a lower ad spot, it might be way lower than what competitors have. There are some tricks you can do in this cases, but that's another story Smiley Happy


Raising CPC when there is a lot of room to improve can sometimes make things worse. Just make sure you have the best product and user experience, and after that knockdown your competitors! Smiley Happy




Re: My average CTR is increasing but my Quality score is going backwar

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Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for your time and well considered advice. Yep, I guess my gut instinct (i.e. a long slow process to improve Quality score) was precisely the issue. I'll get back basics but I might drop my max CPC a little because I think I'm spending too much money in the attempt to get a higher Quality score (which in turn would hopefully reduce my CPC...a bit of the chicken or egg kind of scenario.) Anyway thanks again.





Re: My average CTR is increasing but my Quality score is going backwar

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Hi Voicaremus, Thanks for that advice. I hadn't thought about the "unintended consequences" of having a top position ie. impatient users. I will go back to the drawing board and objectively look at the landing pages etc to ensure I'm giving them what they need. Thanks for your advice, really appreciate it!! Smiley Happy