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My average CPC increase significantly

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Hi All,

I am running a brand campaign for past 5-6 months,

in Feb, Only having one broad match keyword (brand name)

CTR 38.25%Avg CPC 0.36, Conv Rate was 34.12%

Avg CPC 0.36

Conv Rate 34.12%


After that, I did some changes like added some more exact and phrase match keywords

then my Avg CPC increased

in Mar,

CTR 37.96%Avg CPC 0.36, Conv Rate was 34.12%

Avg CPC 0.79

Conv Rate 29.27%


I am not able to understand what is the issue here


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My average CPC increase significantly

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If you did nothing then there are a couple of things that could cause this...


A competitor(s) started targeting your brand name and your bidding option is automated to compete for position ... or, your quality score was adjusted by Google - which happens from time to time.


What is your current QS  -with those numbers on a brand keyword I would expect a 10... 

My average CPC increase significantly

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Hi I seem to have the same problem but here is the thing.


I was running a campaign fpr my pet portraits.

Budget: £4 a day

Av clicks: 13-19 a day

Av CPC: £0.25 - £0.30

Av Position: 2.7


My campaign was set to automatic with maximising no of clicks.


I decided to get my budget up to £7

My stats started looking like this:


Budget: £7 a day

Av clicks: 25-31 a day

Av CPC: £0.21 - £0.28

Av Position: 2.5


Perfect, clicks went up, position went up slightly. I was getting what I wanted....UNTIL I changed my keywords from:

-broad match: pet portraits to +pet +portraits

-broad match: pet portrait artist to +pet +portrait +artist


And here is what happened:

For £7 a day now I was getting 8 clicks with CPC=£1.00 (!! from 0.21). Sure my position went up to 1.3 but this is not what I wanted at all. I still wanted to maximize my clicks not raise my position. Could you please tell me if the broad match modifier keywords make such a difference? 

My average CPC increase significantly

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Here's what probably happened...


Your broad match keyword likely had a good QS... but when you changed them they become - to all intents and purposes, brand new keywords and they have to earn their QS all over again - and this can take a little while.


That said, you should be much better off with BMM since you will reduce much of the wastage (take a good look at your negatives, too, in this regard)


The situation will normalise - you may want to reduce your budget again until it does. Monitor your QS - you'll see it go up (hopefully!) from the starting 6 to a higher score and then your cpc will fall accordingly.


One other thing... I'm not sure that bidding to maximise clicks would be the ideal here. Your sounds like a niche market and I would be much more keen to set up conversions (form completion, call tracking) and optimise for those.