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My approved ad has NOT run after a week?

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I have a Display ad ...  that seems to have NOT been made active although it says it was approved.... this, after a week of campaign where my 2 other ads have gotten decent results. Why would this ad NOT be displayed?

Any  way to correct this?


Thanks, Susan Britton-Seyler


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Re: My approved ad has NOT run after a week?

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Hi Susan, sorry to hear you're having problems.  Couple of quick questions:


1)  Are you sure the Ad is approved.  Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I have to ask; when you look at all three Ads in the Group, do they all have "Approved" as their status?


2)  Has the Ad received any Impressions?


3)  What Ad Rotation model are you using?  If you're using any of the "optimised" settings (optimise for clicks or optimise for conversions) it could well be that your Ad is simply being "out-performed" by the other 2 with a better history - you may want to consider changing the Ad Rotation to "Rotate evenly" - either for 90 days or indefinitely.


All of the above assumes that your other 2 Ads in the Group are still regularly receiving impressions, i.e. the Ad Group or Campaign are not paused.



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