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My adword campaign doesnt work. What can I do?

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Hi there,
I am very unhappy about Adword assistance, some weeks ago I contacted adword to optimise a new Display network campaign. I was looking for optimise my Display campaign but the member of the staff suggested me the BID changes in my search campaign is well, we did everything but after that my search campaign doesn't work again properly. 
After the catastrophic result with Google optimisation I created a new search campaign, in this moment in auto bid but still without reach first page. It's not about the budget because for years we had idem dialy budget always with excellent results. 
I am very worried. We're losing business opportunities from 2 weeks, we don't make business with our adwords campaign when the business is 100% online. 
My website is Catering London
Please, I need some help, 
Thank you very much,
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Re: My adword campaign doesnt work. What can I do?

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Hi Mike,

The drop in performance is understandable given the route you have chosen. Creating a whole new search campaign means that the new campaign does not have the history of the old one to go on. You have lost all your Quality scores and Historical data.

It seems a little extreme to create a whole new campaign after bid changes did not work. Might I ask why you felt this was necessary?

I would recommend using the old campaign that the bid changes were made to and revert it back to it's previous state, so either just change the bids to what they were before the changes or use the Change history to revert changes.

Learn about change history here:

Does the above make sense to you? Is there anything else that you need clarification on? or perhaps there is more to the situation than stated above, if so feel free to ask away here.

Hope this helps

Re: My adword campaign doesnt work. What can I do?

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Hi Carmen,

I agree with Clynton about the need for creating a new campaign. The AdWords account performance depends on a lot of factors.. one important one being history. You lost all history when you shifted campaigns..
Basic steps to optimize your Search campaigns:
- bid modifications basis your ad positions and performance
- modify ads if your CTR is low
- Change your LPs to make them more relevant
- use restrictive match types to target the correct audience
- refine keyword list
- add negatives to weed out irrelevant clicks

For the display network:
- bid modifications basis performance
- change targeting methods. Use layering if needed to restrict targeting
- Negate non performing placements

These are basic changes that I can suggest without knowing the structure of your account or the purpose of your advertising campaign. If you could provide some details on this along with stats that you are seeing/need to improve, I am sure the community would be able to give you better suggestions!

Hope this helps!

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Re: My adword campaign doesnt work. What can I do?

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Hi Clynton

Thank you very much for your suggestions. In part I fixed the problem, I've used the campaign in pause so I have gotten part of the historical data but the CTR still low than my last campaign. I am thinking i just way before make ther changes.
Thank you again,

Re: My adword campaign doesnt work. What can I do?

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Hei Shweta

The proplem has been fixed.

Thank you very much for your suggestions,