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My ads are not showing in Google Search

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Currently i am running my PPC campaign for my website.


1. Could you please explain why my ads are not showing in Google search network.


2. Also i am getting clicks only from unrelated keywords and not from the keywords i have added.


3. These are the keywords i need to run the campaign 


  1. Mobile app developpers 
  2. IPhone application developers
  3. IPhone app developers
  4. mobile application developers
  5. Android app developers
  6. Android application developers
  7. IPhone application development services 




Thanks in advance




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Re: My ads are not showing in Google Search

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Hi Sanjeet,


1. If you are getting clicks it means that your ads are showing. If you can't see them on your own there might be various reasons. First off, always use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool under the Tools and Analysis tab, to see exactly what your text ads look like on Google search results. Please kindly refer to the help page linked-to below for more detailed information.


*** Finding your first ads



As for the unrelated Search Terms you are getting clicks from I think you probably overuse broad match keywords. Please get familiar with matching options so that you can select the right ones for your purposes. Reading material for you:


*** Keyword matching options






Re: My ads are not showing in Google Search

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Hi Sanjeet,


Lakatos covered your questions, I have just one thought to inject here.


And this is only from my experience here in the US but these keywords can run $15 - $25 USD per click in the Top 3 positions and often carry troubling QS which add to the cost burden.  Are you bidding high enough for these KW to get impressions? Are you close to your First Page Bid Estimates?


Good Luck!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: My ads are not showing in Google Search

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Hi Bossman,

Thanks to your reply.

Also i am running campaign only in Google search network and not in display network.

Shall i add it in display networks.

Please advice.. Thanks in advance

Re: My ads are not showing in Google Search

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Thanks for your reply sir.

I mean negative keywords...i am getting clicks from negative keywords.

now shall i select "search and display network" because i am not getting clicks.

if we select "search and display network" can we get genuine clicks from "display network".

Please advice