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My Banner Campaign not performing

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Hello everyone,


I have created a banner campaign for one of my project in first week of april which basically deals in health vitamins and supplements but I haven’t get single conversion from this campaign in spite of I am getting good number clicks below mention is the stats.





Can anyone help me on this issue?



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Re: My Banner Campaign not performing

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Hi Frank
This is a fairly common question and there's quite literally a thousand different answers. Do a search in the search box for "improve conversion rates" as there are some amazing threads on the topic in the community.

To be honest, it's probably too soon to be diagnosing your problem as you only have ~200 clicks.

Look at the keywords you're bidding on. I can't see them from your screenshot. If you're bidding on the keyword "Justin Beiber" and people are clicking, they're not likely to convert. Again, nobody here can tell what keywords you're using.

Does your ad match the offer on your website?
Can visitors actually see your website?
What's the conversion rate like from other channels?

See where I'm going with this?
It's like me telling you that I have a store but my customers wont spend any money. What's the solution? Is my store in the middle of the desert? Do I have a cash register and the means to actually sell? Are store visitors all infants?

Unfortunately, that's all I can give you right now. If you want to provide more details, bearing in mind that we cannot see into your account so only know what you tell us, we'll be able to assist more.

Finally, here's a great place to get started on the Help Center: