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My Ad doesn't show on page 1

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I am trying to create an ad for my website but it should only come up when someone searches my exact name and it's not a popular name because when i search it now there is no a there, and after all this i created an ad just for that keyword but i'm still not coming up on page 1. 


Is it possible that it's because it's a new website?

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Re: My Ad doesn't show on page 1

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Hi Riki!


I do not think it is because your website is too new, I have launched sites for advertising clients and the "newness" of the site has never been an issue in my experience.


Since you say it is an uncommon name, it is likely that your bid amount is not the problem (sometimes low bid amount keeps ads from appearing on first page). I will assume that your ad copy includes your name in it, and if so then the ad copy relevance is most likely not your issue (Irrelevant ad copy can also hurt the ranking of an ad).


How did you setup the match types for the keywords? While your name might be uncommon, it is possible that you may want to set the keywords as Exact Match type to increase the relevance of your ad when someone searches your name. Try setting the keywords you are targeting as exact matches and see if your ad moves to the first page.


Broad Match Example:

Jane Smith


Exact Match Example:

[Jane Smith]


More info about match types:


I hope this can help you get your on Page 1!

Re: My Ad doesn't show on page 1

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Hi Riki,

Please go through this similar thread, hope it will help you out.

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Re: My Ad doesn't show on page 1

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Add more keywords relevant to your website and also check the bids. sometimes due to low bids, our ads doesnt show up everytime. You can check the status by going to campaign and select keywords and you can see a sign in front of every keyword. like below:

Untitled - Paint.jpg


you can also check it by using ad diagnose tools in adword. i have done same for my website contentmart and the results was good.