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Multiple urls directed to 1 web page

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If i get buy some other urls that are very closely matched to my business and have them all redirected to my main web page, does this make google "mad" and hurt my ranking?

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September 2015

Re: Double serving policy

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Hello lttx;


your display url (the one shown in your ad) and your destination url ( the one the user "lands on" when clicking), must be identical.

You can own as many URLs as you wish, but only one ad from your account (business) will appear on results page . (This is known as "double serving" policy: It's a cornerstone of AdWords policy. (Remember: one business - one account!)



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Re: Multiple urls directed to 1 web page

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Hi lttx,


What is you plan? Can uyou give a little more detail?


You can have multiple domains all point to the same content, but you do run the risk of getting a duplicate content penalty. You may not be able to use AdWords for all those domains. You will not be able open separate AdWords accounts for each of those domains without risking the double-serving policy. If you advertise all domains within one account, only one ad will show on a single SERP.


For ogranic rank, and that appears to be what your question is about, it's ok, but be sure to use the 'canonical' meta-tag to identify the authoritative3 soutce of the content. That avoids the duplicate content penalty.


Best of Luck!




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