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Multiple extensions

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I have the following set up for an ad group:


  • location extension
  • call extension
  • sitelink extension
  • social extension


How does this manifest itself? Is each extension given equal amounts of impressions through my ad group? Or is best practice to only have one active extension at a time?

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Re: Multiple extensions

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Hello birchlore !


Perform and Ad search on several keywords after setting up all the extensions, using the Ad preview tool. You will see that the "call" and "location" extensions are there even when the ads appear in the positions 4 to 10 to the "right hand side" or RHS and the social and sitelinks only appear where your AD has more "advertising real estate" on the page, on the top 3 spots.


I have found that only 4 of the 6 available spots for sitelinks appear at the same time.

Re: Multiple extensions

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Hello ;

  • Location extension may work together with call extension;
  • Offer extension can work with location extension.
  • Sitelinksare a different issue - They can be shown only in ads above the search results;
  • Social extension is not always included. Google does not disclose when it includes a social extension with another extension;


Read more:

  1. Call extensions and location extensions can work together
  2. Set up an offer extension
  3. Social extensions and annotations




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Re: Multiple extensions

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Which extension is it that shows google+ business review stars? A few of my competitors have what looks like a location extension (see 1234 Main street on map) and then below that 5 stars with a link to g+ reviews.


Is that location? Social? How do I set that up?