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Multiple campaigns for Broad/Phrase/Exact to split budgets

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Hello, i am planning my next campaign and i usually tend to minimize the use of Broad Match because i find more performing to use just Phrase and Exact Match.

By the way completely  removing the Broad Match seems like an overkill to me and i will probably miss some inspirations from the keywords variations used by the users ( Keywords  Details  Show all search terms).


For this reason i was thinking of creating 2 campaigns. Considering for example my total daily budget of $100:

Campaign 1

Budget: $ 85

Keyword Match Type: Exact and Phrase


Campaign 2

Budget: $ 15

Keyword Match Type: Broad


The 2 campaigns would be identical in terms of keywords, just the match type will differ. The ads will be the same too.


Do you think this could be a good idea? Should it work or am i missing something?

Thanks to everyone

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Re: Multiple campaigns for Broad/Phrase/Exact to split budgets

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Hi Yari,

Very nice question, and overall sound logic. I personally prefer the split campaign/ad group method for organising match types. One of the reasons being budget control where necessary (when using different campaigns).

There is nothing wrong with adopting the approach you have decided to take but I will add a few pointers here that might help you out.

First off, embedded negatives are a MUST in this campaign structure. You need to add the exact and phrase match keywords as negatives to the broad match campaign. This will ensure that when there is a search query that is exact match it will not be matched to the broad variation, which can and does happen (too often for my liking).

Secondly, as it is a new campaign I believe the budget split is a bit too skewed. The beginning of a campaign is vital for information gathering and to notice trends that you have missed (there always will be). I would suggest at a minimum a 50/50 split or a shared budget between both the first 2 or 3 months. This allows your broad match to actually catch trends out there that you have missed and not miss noticing those trends because of severely limited budget.

Personally I go with a shared budget, even if the broad match does spend a lot more of the budget than the exact match. I find the information from the SQR invaluable during this period and the whole account is stronger afterwards because of it.

Be careful though as this approach requires you to be constantly monitoring the SQR for the first few weeks. You need to catch all those negatives that you did not think of as new campaigns have the potential to waste a lot of spend in the beginning. So if you are able to look at the SQR every few days in the first few weeks then I would suggest a shared budget and let them spend as they please.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask for more information if necessary!

Re: Multiple campaigns for Broad/Phrase/Exact to split budgets

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Hi Yari,

You have already got an excellent advice for campaign creation and strategy for different match type campaigns.

But I really don't like such campaigns. Because, If managing the negative keywords are very difficult in this scenario. In spite of adding all Phrase Match Keywords as negative in Broad Match Campaigns. But stills there are a large list of search terms (Mis-spell, singulars, Plurals/ with spacing) that can triggers your ads on any Match type.

E.g:- If you find that "blue widgets" ( that triggers ads from Exact Match [Blue Widget]) does not performing, so you add this keywords as a negative in Exact match type of campaigns.

Then It starts triggering ads from "Broad Match" campaigns, as you have not added "blue widget" as a negative in broad campaigns.

Due to this I avoid this approach and keep all match type in one campaigns. Once you live the campaigns, you will find large number of search terms that should be added in Exact Match Campaigns and Broad Match Campaigns. If you have small campaigns or limited keywords creation different campaigns for different match type is good.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Multiple campaigns for Broad/Phrase/Exact to split budgets

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

Based on what you said if an Exact Match Keywords could trigger the Broad Match Campaign then that's a big pain in the a** and will be very very challenging to manage.


I think i will just stick to the standard method for now and will closely monitor the campaigns during the first weeks/months.


Thanks again for your effort in the answers.